2017 Guest Speakers

JAN. 12th   Jason Klopfenstein of Spears Manufacturing discussing CPVC and joining dissimilar materials.

FEB. 9th  Bob Barks of Interwest Group about HVAC permitting, energy code issues and compliance issues

MAR. 9th  Pete Jackson presents the 2016 California Electrical Code updates.

APR. 13th  -

MAY 11th  Ryan Julien presents on Simpson Strong-Tie's new catalog, field issues, etc.

JUNE 8th   Kevin Wood, from Center for Sustainable Energy, on the Valley Takes Charge! project.

JULY 13th  Harley Jenkins, JAS, about Active Shooters.

AUG. 10th Alex Pineda, Energy Standards - Outreach and Education Unit about the

                   Energy Standards Online Resource Center

SEP. 14th  Cesar Ponce of HCD, discussing permitting and review of  mobile homes, commercial coaches, etc.

OCT. 12th -

NOV. 9th  Maggie Sanchez from CSLB, discussing the SWIFT program and unlicensed contractors.